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Novena to St. Augustine

St. Augustine

St. Augustine’s father was a pagan who was converted on his death bed; his mother was St. Monica, a devout Christian. Trained in Christianity, he lost his faith in youth and led a wild life. He lived with a woman from the age of 15 through 30 and fathered a son whom he named Adeotadus, which means the gift of God. He taught rhetoric at Carthage and Milan. After investigating and experimenting with several philosophies, he became a Manichaean for several years, attracted by its lax moral code. Augustine finally broke with the Manichaens and was converted by the prayers of his mother and the help of St. Ambrose of Milan, who baptized him. On the death of his mother he returned to Africa, sold his property, gave the proceeds to the poor, and founded a monastery.  As Bishop of Hippo, he fought various heresies and wrote extensively about the Trinity.  Jesus visited him as a child who told him not to try to understand fully the Trinity because his mind was just a small hole that could not fit the ocean that is the Trinity.   He oversaw his church and his office during the fall of the Roman Empire to the Vandals, leaving behind writings that have touched the hearts. His most famous quote is the following: “Our hearts were made for you, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you.” Born on November 13, 354, he died on August 28, 430.

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